Yes we do. Since 04/20/2014 we accept Moneypak. 1st. Place an order. 2nd. If the PayPal Payment is not received within a day we will send an email along with the order number and the balance. We will ask the option to pay by MoneyPak. 3rd. Reply and sent the number located on the back side of the card along with the balance it is in the card to pay. It is recommended to attach a picture taken by camera or scanner. Failure to reply within 3 days and the order will be automatically erased. 4th. As soon as payment transfer is made a verification email will sent out. Give us 3 day to prepare the order and we will send the tracking number by email. For more information where to purchase the MoneyPak card visit the website: http://www.moneypak.com
No! We don't. The reason is Google Checkout retired on Nov, 30th 2013. The latest information is Checkout will probably be replaced with Wallet but we are trying to learn how it will convert and what kind of additional information requites to have in order to make things to work out.
Yes we do. Paypal is ready to process any Credit Cards from customers who don't have Paypal account.
Yes. All products are brand new in the box.
All products covered with 12 months repair or replacement factory warranty except all PCBs and modules with 90 days and any electronic spare parts.
Yes! The product can return within 14 days only when it has been received in not working order or is in defective condition.
No! Because the fact all products are shipped factory new directly from the closer warehouse, when sending back is considered opened, used and is difficult to resell it. In many cases parts usually are missing and the product is loosing its original value.
If the product needs to return for repair or replacement, we have to send by email an RMA form with all the information in order to include it in the package and to send it back to the factory.
We accept e-Checks by PayPal.
In order to cancel the order there are some reasons like: A. Placing an incorrect order. B. There was a false or fake shipping information. C. The shipping address is unconfirmed by PayPal or it is a PO.Box. D. The payment didn't clear or declined by the payment processor. E. The order is placed but the payment never received within 3 days. F. The product is out of stock or discontinued by the manufacturer and will never return.
No we don't. In this case we have to cancel the entire order and to refund the money. Also we will notify the buyer for the cancellation and we will send information about possible alternatives are available.
Yes we do. For large quantities more than we have in stock, we can place a special order for the buyer's behalf. Please contact with us for a quote.
Currently the only way to convert USD prices to Euros is by using the XE currency tool from XE.com. XE has a free App for smart phones that converts USD to any currency simultaneously. Recommended.
Currently we send products to US, Canada, UK, Australia and EU countries only.
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The past months we had problems with the USPS mail delivering and tracking methods. The reason is when we were shipping-out International Priority Mail with tracking number packages from overseas, USPS was deprecate them to International First-class when they were enter in the US. As a result most of the tracking numbers were shown as undelivered when we were trying to track them down. We called the USPS to complain about this problem. They told us over the phone that their policy about international packages is that they don't have to add them in their tracking system, unless it is international express or registered mail. This rule applies to any package that comes in the US. Therefore from 01-Jan-2017 we will quit shipping Priority/First-class with tracking number packages and we will use only non-USPS express mailing system in order to track packages.
Before we ship out products we have to make sure the information are valid. In case the information are invalid then the product will never send out. In any cases we will try to contact the buyer by email to notify about the order status.
The reason is the longer the package it takes to deliver, more the chances to deliver damaged are increasing. It is known when the package has to take the long route with standard postal, it distressed and the chances to deliver intact are slim.